Monday, March 31, 2008

Youth Enhancing Facial Care Formulas

Interested in helping your skin look vibrant and youthful? Wedge Worldwide would love to tell you about a few special facial care products from Dr. Hauschka that will bring out the beauty in your skin. Hauschka's Firming Mask is an intensive mask that hydrates and deeply nurtures the skin (the ideal thing for lack luster, end-of-winter-complexions). Personally, I also relish using this mask as a facial moisturizer on days when I'd like to look my best. Firming Mask does an amazing job at temporarily diminishing puffiness, and it softens fine lines and wrinkles. Not only will you look fantastic, you'll also be strengthening the collagen and elastin in your skin thereby supporting it's overall resilience! Firming Mask is gentle, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and tightens my pores as it moisturizes.

Luckily for us, Hauschka, in their infinite wisdom, has also developed a moisturizer specifically for toning the delicate eye area. Their Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream contains pineapple fruit extract, which is not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. This formula deeply hydrates and is absorbed quickly and completely, so there is no need to worry about eyeliner or mascara smearing.

Firming Mask and Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream are an excellent choice for those with mature skin, but women and men of any age can happily enjoy their benefits! Wedge Worldwide is committed to offering the purest, highest quality, all natural body care available. The facial and body care items from Hauschka are a great example of what we look for in the products that we carry. Hauschka's manufacturer WALA Heilmittel has been working with healing plant and mineral extracts since the 1940s. Their thirty-five years of pioneering work in holistic esthetics have allowed them to create the purest, most effective natural skin care preparations available. Dr. Hauschka carefully chooses every plant and mineral ingredient that goes into their products based on its individual effects and the way it interacts with other ingredients. Finding ecologically and ethically sound sources for their raw ingredients is also important to this forward thinking company.
written by Shannon