Monday, December 31, 2007

Post Holiday R & R

Wedge Worldwide hopes that you had a wonderful holiday season and that the year ahead will be an outstanding one! Now that the excitement and busyness are winding down are you feeling like you could use a little pampering and well earned rest? Allow us to recommend a few all natural products that will sooth your senses and calm your mind.

A hot, fragrant foot bath is a wonderful winter treat. This is an ideal activity to preform right before bed as it will deeply relax you and promote a great nights sleep. Simply fill up a large bowl with hot water and put a few pumps of one of our Dr. Hauschka Aromatherapy Baths in the bowl and stir. The bowl should be deep enough so that the water will cover your ankles. Sit back in a chair with a blanket as you soak and listen to soothing music. This is a great time to do some deep breathing and let your mind settle. Hauschka's Lavender Bath is the perfect choice for sweet dreams and easing anxiety and stress. The smell is amazing too! Or for those who are feeling chilled Rosemary Bath is excellent for cold weather as it is warming and stimulates circulation.

Looking for a little something to make your mornings special and give you some gentle get up and go? How about starting the day off with a warm cup of delectable, special tea? Wedge Worldwide offers a variety of organic and Fair Trade teas that are sure to please. Personally I love our Organic White Peony Tea. This tea has a subtle and beautifully refined taste. It sweetly stimulates my senses without the jittery caffine side effects. Or bring some olfactory fun to your shower with Pangea's fresh scented body wash with Canadian pine and white sage which is packed with organic ingredients and pure essential oils. Or try one of our customer's all time favorites, Stinky Hippie Patchouli Body Wash.

Be sure to check back with us throughout the new year as we continue to add more wonderful new products to our site. Happy New Year!