Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Great New Products For Combination and Sensitive Skin

We are happy to announce that we have brought in yet another exceptional, extremely pure and natural facial care line at Wedge Worldwide. Allow us to introduce you to Suki Naturals, a collection of ultra-pure, facial care items that will make your skin sing.

Suki was started by Suki Kramer who grew up with severe eczema. Having difficulty finding facial and body care products that would help her troubled, delicate skin, Suki experimented with making her own herbal preparations and skin formulas. Her blends improved with each batch and eventually, her skin radically improved. Suki's holistic, effective and gentle formulas resulted in Suki Naturals, products made for all skin conditions, but with sensitive types like her in mind. Suki Natural's skin and body care line are truly natural products with pure botanical ingredients preserved with essential oils, and contain no synthetic ingredients. Extracts of the most potent parts of healing plants are used to maximize the effectiveness and strength of Suki's unique products. Standardized botanicals perform specific functions such as cell regeneration, anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial, detoxification and antiseptic action.

As always, we have tried and tested these products ourselves here at Wedge Worldwide and have a few favorites that we would love to recommend to you. Personally, I have combination skin, which means that my face tends to be both oily and normal or oily and dry, depending on the season. Naturally, I was pleased to come across products from Suki that were perfect for my skin type.

Let's start off with Suki's Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser with chamomile and vitamin C. First of all I love the all-natural scent of this cleanser! It brings to mind fresh lemon aid or delicious lemon curd. The gently exfoliating granules are made from grains of organic sugar and gently melt as you massage them into your skin. My face feels smooth and clean after using this cleanser, not harshly stripped of it's natural oils. Suki says that their Lemongrass Cleanser increases cell turnover & unlike damaging glycolics, utilizes natural, safe AHA's & BHA's, awakening a fresh, new layer of skin safely and gently. I found that with continued use of this product my skin tone looked more even, my skin remained hydrated and the T-zone area of my face that tends towards oiliness was more balanced and less prone to break outs.

Another thing that we appreciate about Suki Naturals is their commitment to causing the least impact on the earth in all of their business practices. They are also leaders in the personal care industry and have set standards for purity in personal care that equal our food standards. Neither Suki Naturals, nor their suppliers, test on animals. And, our vegetarian and vegan friends will be happy to know that many of Suki's products are vegan!