Monday, August 13, 2007

A Cool Earth-Friendly Way to Tote Your Leftovers and Lunch!

Do you love going out to eat but feel a bit depressed at the thought of bringing home your leftovers in ozone-depleting styrofoam containers? Never fear because we have a brilliant solution for you. Take a gander at the Stainless Steel Food Container made by To-Go-Ware available at Wedge Worldwide. It's made up of two stackable units with removable lids (one of the lids even functions as a plate!) that all fit snugly together and snap in place with a clamp by the carrying handle. This food carrier is a well-built, highly durable item that could easily last a lifetime.

I have one that I am quite fond of using for carrying my lunch to work. My To-Go-Ware container moves easily between the fridge, the car, work and the sink or dishwasher. And after all the use its been through, it's never picked up a dent or scratch. If truth be told, one of my favorite things about it besides its superb function and construction is that it is as cute as can be. Other than my Charlie's Angels lunch box that I had when I was in grade school, this is the most stylish step beyond brown-bagging-it that I've found. For me, it is also a total bonus that this carrier is plastic-free, so I am safe from the possibility of unwanted substances leaching into my food.

As luck would have it we also carry a sustainable utensil set that is perfect for lunches, travel or picnics in the great outdoors. Our Fair Trade Bamboo Utensil Set is made from earth-friendly materials, is heat and stain resistant, doesn't absorb flavors and are finished with all-natural, food-safe wood oil. These utensils come in a handy hand-woven Fair Trade fabric carrier that is produced by a woman's co-op in the Thai-Burma region.

So, take a tip from us and bid farewell to those old-school brown bags and Styrofoam and plastic containers that will quickly end up in the recycling bin or even worse, a landfill. Be the first cool kid on your block to be using eco-friendly options!