Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It's In The Bag- One Of Many Available On Wedge Worldwide

How Do Smart Shoppers Shop?

They shop with a sturdy basket, that’s what they do, especially if they’re so smart that they shop farmers markets for fresh produce. Remember: Farmers rarely package or wrap their products, so baskets like these Fair Trade Market Baskets and Handle Baskets work best.Why? The flat bottom spreads the impact across the bottom of the basket so you can carry more local eggplants per square inch in it. Also? Sturdy handles. You could put big, fat muskmelons in that basket and it wouldn’t break on you.

And you thought this blog was just another pretty face. ;)

Speaking of pretty faces, I once dated a woman in college who stole a bag like this one from me.

It was black, I kept a journal and my favorite pen in the pen compartment, and the bag hung always on my shoulder like a great, loyal friend – unlike a certain, thieving ex I could mention. But I digress. Anyway, I think the above courier bag is the one that will replace my long lost bag of yore. Why? It has all the cool little zippered pockets and compartments I adore, it’s hemp, it comes in good, bold colors like “faded rose” and “oasis” AND it comes from Transylvania. I mean, are you kidding me? Transylvania? A black, eco-cool, sustainably-hip, hemp bag from the bleeding heart of Goth Country? Oh, yeah. That’s even better than the one I lost. May my ex burn with jealousy...

All right. One last bag for you, and, also, a bit of travel advice: When abroad, always have your passport in a cool carrier like this one. Not only does it keep a vital document neat and accessible, but it also distracts the person who’s checking it. While they should be examining your bags for the expensive goods that you somehow “forgot” to declare, instead, they’ll be thoroughly enticed by your passport bag, thinking to themselves, “Wow. Is that button made of real bone?” Want to go one step further? Combine the Crane passport carrier with the Crane jacket and you'll be a symphony of distractability.