Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dr. Hauschka's Rhythmic Night Conditioner

One of my all-time favorite facial care products that I'd love to tell you all about is Dr. Hauschka's Rhythmic Night Conditioner. For me this potion-like substance really has some kind of magical, mysterious effect on my skin that is actually noticeable overnight. I know this sounds over zealous perhaps, like one of those bad wrinkle cream advertisements in non-politically correct women's magazines, but I'm not fibbing! Of course results may vary from person to person and Hauschka actually suggests that Rhythmic Night Conditioner be used for a period of ten days up to one month in order for it to be most effective. But I tend to notice results immediately. Some of the effects this elixir has on my skin is it helps my face look clearer, it evens out the tones and removes blotchiness, it noticeably tightens and shrinks pores and fine lines (love this) and helps to rapidly clear up acne and minimizes break-out redness. It also reduces puffiness, under eye circles and imparts a lovely glow. Predictably after I use this product for 1-3 days people start telling me how nice my skin looks.

Hauschka recommends the use of Rhythmic Night Conditioner during changes of the season, travel, stress or any time that your skin might be going through a transition period or needing a little extra boost. For myself I tend to use it for several days before an event that I want to look great for or when I feel a tad disgruntled by my reflection in the mirror.

The substances in this product are pretty fascinating as well. Hauschka is a company that makes holistic facial and body care products that contain many organic and biodynamically grown ingredients. Their formulas are based on the innate rhythms and wisdom of nature and many of their processes and philosophies can be traced back to ideas that correspond to homeopathy and alchemy. One of the main active ingredients in Rhythmic Night Conditioner is silver which is used to promote regeneration of the skin. Dr. Hauschka feels that there is a corresponding relationship between the moon, the metal silver, and the 28-day rhythm of skin cell renewal. Hauschka says,” youthful skin cells have a 28-day cycle of regeneration, which lengthens as we mature. Rhythmic Night Conditioner supports this process, encouraging the skin to renew itself.” For those who have extremely sensitive skin or skin that tends towards rosacea, Hauschka also makes a Rhythmic Night Conditioner Sensitive formula.